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Paul Chiang 


Born in Taichung, Paul Chiang graduated from National Taiwan Normal University. In 1965, A work of Chiang’s was accepted in the Bienal de São Paulo. And he lived in Paris and New York for more than 30 years, returning to Taiwan in 1996. 

Over the years Chiang has created different painting series reflecting changes in his working space, living environment and life. 

王 敏 攝

Over the past 10 years or more, especially after settling in eastern Taiwan, his painting style has shifted from his customary introspective style with somber, minimalist,

even monochromatic compositions, to one of vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes conveying contemplative observations of nature and life experiences.

2007 東和鋼鐵苗栗廠創作首批鋼雕作品 劉慶彬 攝

His artworks include completely new paintings and three-dimensional works, affording a full view of the abundant creative energy of one of Taiwan’s senior artists.




Source: Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Paul Chiang Arts & Cultural Foundation

Henry 作品創作 林家卿 攝


1942 —— Born in Taichung City

1957 —— During high school, he begins studying painting under Lee Shih-Chiao (1908-1995).

1961-65 —— Studies at NTNU; is mostly influenced by three artists of the previous generation, all of whom had studied in Japan: Lee Shih-Chiao, Liao Chi-Chun (1902-1976) and Chen Hui-Kun (1907-2011).

1965 —— January: Forms the Era Painting Group with classmates Yao Ching-Jang (1941-2000) and Koo Chung-Kuang (1943-), holding a group exhibition at Taiwan Provincial Museum (today’s National Taiwan Museum).

Sept.-Nov.: A work of Chiang’s is accepted in the Bienal de São Paulo.


1966 —— Chiang holds his first solo exhibition, at the Taiwan Provincial Museum.
Almost all his university-era works will later be destroyed or seriously damaged in flooding during a typhoon.

1967 —— Chiang travels alone to Paris, France to study and pursue his career.

1968 —— From May to June, student riots break out in Paris, followed by nationwide strikes. Losing creative drive and facing economic constraints, Chiang becomes disenchanted with Paris and moves to New York.

1975 —— Through a recommendation by art dealer Ivan Karp (1926-2012), Chiang holds his first New York solo exhibition at Lamagna Gallery, but fails to sell a single picture.

1994 —— December: 2nd solo exhibition, at Ivan Karp’s O.K. Harris Gallery in New York (founded in 1969, closed in 2014).

1997 —— March: Solo exhibition, Eslite Gallery, Taipei. It his first solo exhibition in Taiwan in 30 years.


1998 —— 2nd solo exhibition at Eslite Gallery, Taipei.


1999 —— : Two of Chiang’s large-scale paintings, Death in Distance (1982) and Hundred Year Temple (1998) are featured in “Home: An Exhibition Curated for the 10th Anniversary of Cherng Piin Gallery”, curated by Chia Chi Jason Wang.


2000, 2001, 2003, 2005 —— Solo exhibition at Eslite Gallery, Taipei.


2005 —— Group exhibition “Membrane onto Magic,” curated by Rita Yuan-chien Chang at Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.

Three-person group exhibition "Traces of Drawings" with Jason Chi and Lloyd Martin, Galerie Pierre, Taichung.


2007 —— Purchases land for a home and studio, backed by mountains and facing the Pacific Ocean in Jinzun, Donghe Township, Taitung County; begins his Pisilian series.

Solo exhibition “A Journey into Dimension and Space” held by Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture in the Yuan Hall of Taishin Art and Culture Center, Taipei

2011 —— “Pisilian” solo exhibition, DAHIN Foundation, Art Box, Taipei.


2013 —— Solo exhibition “On Wings of Song,” DAHIN Foundation, Art Box, Taipei.


2014 —— Solo exhibition “From Paris’ Left Bank to Taitung’s Pisilian,” curated by Yulin Lee, Taitung Art Museum, Taitung.


2016 —— Four-person group exhibition “Breaking Free,” Asia Museum of Modern Art, Taichung.


2020 —— March 28 to June 14: “Paul Chiang: A Retrospective,” TFAM, Taipei.